How Do I Build My Dream Business?

“My business is authentically me now.” This is something I hear from clients a lot.

Create Your Life! began with 3 pro bono clients, and I’ve built it into a 6-figure business. If you dream of an abundant, mission-driven business, doing work you love, your way, with a freedom-based lifestyle, you are in the right place.”

~ Tara Sage Steeves 

Tara Sage SteevesTara is a human potential “activator” and experienced business development strategist who skillfully unlocks both individual and team momentum for the benefit of collaborative success, simultaneously fulfilling individual personal legacies *and* organizational mission statements. She believes in the transformational power of leadership development and the value of leveraging strengths for innovation and collaboration. She delights in making an impact, contributing to organizational goals and collaborating to create powerful growth-producing outcomes – on all levels. Her training, education, entrepreneurial success, personality, and personal journey make her uniquely qualified to do this work in the world.

Mission Possible Quick-Start VIP Day with Tara

Condensed info & concentrated value for immediate results

Claim a VIP Day, a la carte. No big contract, we’ll just dive right in from exactly where you ARE (whether virtual Skype day *OR* in-person, your choice!) with a quick-start, power-packed, laser-focused day, zeroing right in on whatever area of your personal and/or professional life will best serve.  This intensive 1:1 session will put some serious fuel in your tank, and support you with a clear strategic action plan to rocket (and rock it!) forward – FAST! This VIP Day is for YOU if: you are ready for condensed information and concentrated value for immediate results in one or more of the following areas:
  • You have or want to build a business that supports your dreams lifestyle and ready and eager to take things to the next level.
  • You are tired of tolerating energy-drains and the things that no longer “fit”, and ready for a practical and energetically-aligned “face lift” on your life that will fast-track you to living from your personal genius – with ease, grace, joy, and abundance.
  • You have a “someday” project that, rather than continuing to put it off, you’re ready to take it by the horns and get ‘er done – and done well.  🙂

Any or all of the above are fantastic reasons to claim your VIP Day with Tara now.

Virtual VIP Half-Day $997/ Full-Day $1,297

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There’s no reason to take *my* word for how powerful these VIP Days are … Here are a few first-hand accounts from those who’ve experienced it:

Teri SicaMeet Teri: “Tara is a powerhouse of a coach!! Before Create Your Life!, I had no idea how to synthesize my talent and creativity to fit my personality and style, and to leverage and expand the work I’ve been doing with clients for over 30 years as a psychotherapist and coach. On my own, I couldn’t get clear on how it would look or feel, and I was running too fast to take the time to STOP and think about it. It was first through joining Tara’s Dream Acceleration Program™ that I realized exactly where I wanted to be. I also begin utilizing many of these concepts, experiments, and techniques with my own clients and my work rose to a new level!Then I had my VIP day with Tara — so much FUN and so POWERFUL! I was struck by how quickly we nailed down my working process and the title of my upcoming series/program! Tara is the “queen of words” as I always say! She listened, asked me all of the right questions, and we nailed it in just a half day’s worth of time! I am now in the position to work globally (one of my dreams is to escape winters and enjoy working from wherever I feel like traveling!). I now have a beautiful clear model of my working process, and have given birth to my dream by actually “naming” it, and will be launching my program soon – THANK YOU Tara!! So incredibly powerful! Again, THANK YOU TARA!! I’m so excited and can’t wait to serve in this bigger way!” ~ Teri Sica, LICSW, Psychotherapist, Coach, Speaker
Meet Cathie:Cathie “I am so pleased I decided to have an in-person VIP Day with Tara – it was POWERFUL!I am so excited to celebrate all of what took place in just ONE day … from celebrating BEing in business with our ribbon-cutting ceremony … to mapping out my extraordinary and unique process, packages, and plan (The 3 P’s!) to create $240k in revenue in the coming year!… to serving in a way that has a Big Impact on improving the lives of families and children (my Big WHY). AND – all of this with just 7 ideal client organizations in 4-day workweeks!  Thank you Tara, for helping me learn the real power of making a decision, ONCE – and then doing whatever it takes to realize my dreams! Every day I wake up and am thrilled to be doing what I love! And I know there is so much MORE to come!” ~ Cathie Walsh, Results for Children™
Lori DelfosseMeet Lori: “Before Create Your Life! I was not focused and walking on a continuum of mayhem. Being a natural creative, I needed some structure to wrap around my intention for a successful health consultant business.As a result of my VIP Day with Tara, I now have a plan of success including the structure of services I provide as well as a solid framework for the marketing initiative to launch LORI RN, a Contemporary Medicine™ practice bridging the gap of western and eastern philosophies. Tara helped me reframe my thoughts into new directions that my mind has not yet ventured. I look forward to seeing continued positive results in this entrepreneurial adventure, one that I truly believe that without Tara, I would have given up long ago. Having her with me through this process is making my dream a possibility to actually realize. I am grateful for her commitment to me and our mutual goals of success.” ~ Lori Delfosse, RN
Lisa FriendMeet Lisa: Tara’s gift of compassion and insight combined with effective questioning techniques seriously helped me uncover my inner Goddess! She was ever so patient as she guided me through the creative process that helped me uncover my dream. My VIP Day was amazing from beginning to end. Tara was vigilant at making sure I was comfortable, while she rigorously covered all aspects of launching a successful business! I can’t thank her enough for helping me recreate my life, on my terms, and doing what I love!” ~ Lisa Friend, teacher
Meet Dawn: Dawn“I already knew Tara was a great coach with the capacity to bring my focus and attention back to my dream for my life. That’s why I hired her after completing her Dream Acceleration™ Program.So when we connected for our VIP Day I expected really good things. What I got was expanded far beyond my initial hopes.  Tara created a lovely space for co-creation and brought structure to my ideas. I walked away with a powerful framework for working with my clients that brings so much clarity to the What, Why and How I support authors and entrepreneurs to bring their books to life. Tara is inspiring and generous in her sharing of insights that are both practical and intuitive. Thanks to her support, I continue to live into my dreams and see them coming true.” ~ Dawn Richerson, author
Have questions about whether taking this next step together is right for YOU?

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The Create Your Life! Mission Possible Business Building Accelerator™ Program

For the creative, conscious entrepreneur who wants a solidly 6-figure biz & a freedom-based lifestyle.

“A business without a dream is like a life without a purpose.”  ~ Michael Gerber

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This 12-month program is especially designed for YOU if:

  • You are a creative, conscious, mission-motivated, service-minded entrepreneur who wants a solidly 6-figure business.
  • You have been in business for at least 1 year, and are currently serving clients.
  • You are willing and eager to do what it takes to become a better leader in your business and in your life.
  • You typically have more inspired ideas than follow-through, and often feel weighed down or overwhelmed by detail management.
  • You are done with excuses and waiting for “later” or “someday” to have this level of success doing the work you are meant to do.

This personalized, custom-designed, premium program builds on both the Create Your Life! Dream Acceleration™ Process, and the Create Your Life! Mission Possible Business Building Accelerator™ Modules (seen below).  We will pull from this material based entirely on what is going to best serve your needs, and customized to your pace – meeting you and your business exactly where you ARE.

The Create Your Life! Mission Possible Business Building Accelerator™ Modules:

Where ARE you?  

Module 1: Measuring Your Growth  

“What’s measured improves.” Peter Drucker

“Your business cannot outgrow YOU.  If you want your business to grow, you have to grow yourself.  There’s no faster path to personal growth I know of, then being an entrepreneur.“ Tara Sage Steeves

In order to get where you want to be, you must first know where you ARE. Together we’ll get a clear picture of your Present – both practically and energetically. This awareness will serve as both a guiding point of reference and a powerful launch pad for your growth.

WHO Are You?

  “Know thyself.” Socrates 

Module 2: Identify Your Entrepreneurial Personality

Knowing who you are as an entrepreneur is a recipe for success – and the alternative can be downright disastrous.  This is an absolute deal-breaker for your success, a must, and yet, all too often it gets overlooked, busyness takes over, or a head-in-the-sand approach becomes the default.  Through insightful exploration and practical assessments, you will: clarify and embrace your strengths, release struggle and find freedom in the areas where support is needed, and get vivid clarity about the key roles that are imperative for your sustainable, growing business.

Module 3: Identify Your Authentic Leadership Style

Benefit directly from Tara’s Master’s degree! Learn the 4 powerful, effective, holistic approaches to leadership AND how to integrate them into your own authentic, magnetic leadership style. In order to have a Team you must be(come) a Leader. Leadership starts with a mindset. In order to attract, create and have a team that successfully follows-through, you must be a leader that follows through while empowering your team to do so. Becoming a better leader is a process, one that starts with becoming a better YOU.

Module 4: Dream Team & Geni-us ActivationLeadership management businees concept with a businessman juggler juggling three elephants up in the air as a symbol of managing power and being a strong leader and a metaphor for expertise and skill.

Let’s be honest: Creating and running a business can feel a bit like juggling elephants. In this module, you’ll adopt a team mind-set, learn the critical distinction between delegation and leverage, and how to masterfully lead so that your team supports YOU, releasing busy-work and struggle-points so you can live out your Personal Genius.

By intentional design, create a sustainable company culture for Dream Team cohesion and retention.

Mission in Motion

   “Find the problem you were born to solve and solve it.”  Myles Monroe

Module 5:  Your Mission Possible

Who do you serve – and why?  Identify and activate your Mission Possible “big why” and learn how to become a powerful magnet for your ideal client! Pinpoint marketing language for client attraction ease, learn unique approaches to connect and communicate your offerings in a high-service way, and create a pipeline full of eager prospects.

Module 6: Activate Your Authentic Leadership Systems*

* This module includes the option to hire Create Your Life! Team Member, Janina Goldberg on a project basis: a Dream Solution for any budding entrepreneur. Her expertise in creating supportive systems will take your business to an entirely new level.  (I can attest to this first-hand!) Imagine, Janina and I working together on behalf of you and your business: your very own done-for-your Dream Team!  YOU WON’T FIND OTHER BUSINESS COACHES WHO OFFER THIS.

There’s really no sense in spending your precious time and energy reinventing the wheel!  Together we’ll create what, at Create Your Life!, we lovingly refer to as the “MOO” (a.k.a. Manual of Operations).  Your MOO is your business’ bible: a working, living document serving as a reference for all systems, policies, procedures, agreements, and contracts. With your MOO in place, client-care, hiring and training, team communication, etc. will all become vastly easier, requiring less and less of your precious energy, thereby freeing you up for bigger better things!  Invaluable. By streamlining the repeatable aspects of your business, you will grease the wheels of your business momentum, create a significant increase in ease for everyone involved, up-level your customer service, and set you and your team up to propel forward with exponential growth potential.

Growing Your Business: Intentional Design                 

  “Good design is good business.”  Thomas J. Watson

(Modules 7 & 8 will be the primary focus of our VIP Days.)

Module 7:  Pricing, Planning, & New Paradigm Money Mindset

Serving others deeply and making great money don’t have to be two separate things!

In this module you will learn:

  • How to price your products and services in a way that leverage your time, resources, and expertise, for increased revenue and expansive levels of prosperity, growth, and service.
  • The two key money mindset distinctions that set successful business owners apart from those who struggle, burn out, or even go bankrupt.
  • How to communicate effectively with your financial team (bookkeeper, CPA, etc.) and read and understand financial reports in support of forward-thinking business plans.
  • Strategic planning to minimize costs, leverage resources, and reinvest in business growth.

Module 8: Design Your Sustainable Business for High-Service (that includes YOU!) 

Your business is meant to serve, and its design must serve not only your clients, but also you! As a creative, your first instinct might be to resist structure out of a fear of it being too rigid, or confining, or “too adult”. Yet, all good design has supportive structure. Having a customized, intentional, design and structure in place in your business will beautifully support heightened creativity, abundance, and ease. img-smiley

Based on what’s most relevant to your business’s growth, together we will:

  • Determine your very own trademarked service sequence, your signature system, your unique process of serving others. This will help establish you as a leading expert in your field and have your ideal clients saying, “Yes, please! How soon can we start?”
  • Create a doable, customized, incremental, momentum-building marketing plan.
  • Design your Business Success Funnel, clarifying your offerings in a way that is cohesive and supports client retention (resulting in less prospecting – yeh!).
  • Create and nurture affiliate partnerships and collaborations.
  • Fine-tune an effective Call To Action plan (for website, public speaking, networking, etc.)
  • Design your Signature Talk (virtual and/or in-person presentations)

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  I can’t wait to coaching you! May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate, Tara Tara Sage Steeves Founder & President of Create Your Life!