The Clarity Track

blt-logo-lg The Someday Starter Program: How to Go from Fear to Clear, Prevent Fear from Slowing You Down & Take Clear-Minded Action for Success

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(Interviewed by Stacey Curnow, Crossing the Threshold on The Heroin’s Journey)

Now what?

Well, we always create from the present moment.  So wherever you ARE is where you start. Wishing you were further down the path, or wishing you had more time/ money/ energy/ support/ (fill in the blank) is simply a waste of your precious energy … precious energy that could otherwise be spent on …. starting!

Start today to clear space and connect to your bravery, and clarify your dreams with this customized 30-day program.  This program is designed to get you rolling and ready, strengthening your personal foundation, the foundation that you’ll be building your dreams and goals on from here. 

It’s time to set the stage for all of what’s to come, connect to your bravery, reclaim your precious and powerful creative energy, and gracefully clear the path to seeing the highest vision for your life … from a place that knows, trusts, and believes in new possibilities.

This program is for you IF, you are tired of saying “Someday” and ready to:

==>Gain a clearer picture of what you really want and how to make it make it happen.

==> Begin establishing a new kind of relationship with your heart’s deepest desires.

==> Be brave, despite fear.

==> Create traction through the completion of each dream-propelling assignment you’ll be given! (Support will be there every step of the way so you don’t get lost.)

==> Set the stage for an accelerated manifestation process to take hold.

==> Take the mystery out of knowing what it really takes to live your dreams.

==> Experience the awesome impact that the right support makes on your motivation, drive, and momentum.

==> Celebrate new insights, breakthroughs, and a new level of clarity that’ll have you saying, “Today is MY someday!”

Don’t let fear tell you “later”.  (Fear LOVES the “later game.”)

Seize the day!  

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be on your way.  


In this program, you will RECEIVE:

  • Personalized, customized, high-level coaching support to help you powerfully implement 2 key foundational pieces of our proven 9-step Dream Acceleration Process. (priceless!)
  • Two 45-minute tele-coaching sessions, catered just to YOU. ($500 value)
  • Unlimited e-coaching between sessions ($120 value)  Reach out with a private email anytime between your sessions. No need to lose steam or wait until the next session to get personalized, customized support. Send your assignments, share a brainstorm for feedback, or ask a question if you’re getting stuck, and we’ll get you right back on track.
  • Private 1:1 BONUS Next Steps call ($200 value)
  • Direct Access to 2 Content-Rich Dream-Propelling Mp3 recordings + Special Info & Action Worksheets to apply what you learn right away. ($370 value)   
  • Mp3 #1: Define What You Want  Gain an in-depth look at the most common misconceptions about dream realization, and how to keep them from undermining the realization of your dreams! Tap into the voice of your soul and uncover your deepest desires. Activate your imagination, gain clarity, and see your way to a life you really love (and a life that loves you back!).
Mp3 #2: Focus Your (Precious) Dream Energy 
We create our future from the present moment. Do you know where you are? Before you can decide where you’re going you must first know where you are! This session will walk you through how to do a comprehensive inventory of where you are right now, and gain clarity on where to focus your precious energy in the weeks to come. These powerful strategies and tools will support you in consciously and confidently steering your life forward in the direction of your own choosing, and you’ll have them for the rest of your life.


All for just $297!  ($1,000+ value)


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