3 Steps To Go From Fear to Freedom

How do you know if a Fear is real or fake? It can sometimes be very difficult to tell the difference!

According to the American Psychological Association, 95% of people do not take action on their dreams because of fear.  And – 98% of the fear is unfounded.

At Create Your Life!, we call this a Fauxbia. … “f-a-u-x-b-i-a”.

Faux meaning “fake”… a “fake fear”.fear

Did you know that fake fears … or unfounded fears … are what prevent 98% of the 95% of people who do not move their dreams into action?

That means that the beliefs that are holding you back – the ones that are generating that fear – are made up!  But rather than change or question these Beliefs (which, by the way, are just thoughts that have been thought over and over again), what’s commonly done instead is finding all kinds of practical, rational, reasons not to act.

In other words, we use our rationality as a way to then support our limiting beliefs.

See yourself in any of this? According to the stats, the likelihood is YES!

And it’s a domino effect from there – inaction creates symptoms like procrastination, avoidance, missing that meeting or phone call, not following through on an assignment, rationalizing why things are good enough, or why the timing is wrong, or being immobilized by perfectionism, or thinking things through to the point of “analysis paralysis”.  All of these responses are forms of fear’s resistance and they’re also the breeding ground for feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, loneliness, feeling stuck, victimized, in a place of lack, envious of others… Yuck.

Here’s an alternative to all that…

The key to being bigger than your fear is learning how to integrate it – and ideally even welcome it. This learning process is profoundly empowering and it’s a life-long practice.

Believe it or not, fear can be your friend. Rather than being afraid of your fear, what if you were curious about it instead?  Truth is that fear, if welcomed, can propel you forward. It can inspire you to consistently expand beyond those old out-dated beliefs about what you’re really capable of.

To s-t-r-e-t-c-h beyond fear, takes courage!  It helps to remember that brave people are NOT without fear. If they were, what in the world would they need bravery for?!?

Fear can be managed and it can be minimized, but it’s not going to disappear altogether. Your dreams and goals are inviting you to step into BEING a bolder, braver, more expansive version of yourself.

The more you shy away from your fear, the more power and influence fear will have over YOU. So, rather than investing your precious energy in fruitless efforts to hide from your fears, pretend they’re not there, or wish them away, why not invite Fear in for a cup of tea. (Camomile, perhaps?)

3 Steps to Go From Fear to Freedom:

The following 3-step process is an adaptation of a technique that, in psychological circles, is known as “flooding.”  It is very effective in treating even the most severe phobias  – or, in this case, “fauxbias”.  🙂

Done in full, this is a foolproof way to s-t-r-e-t-c-h beyond your fears and take action on even your most daring dreams.

You’ll need: pen, paper, and a willingness to write it out.

1. Get Specific About Your Fear

Before you can stretch beyond your fear, you must know what IT is! Do you know what you’re afraid OF?

Finding the vocabulary to name your fear is a courageous step all its own. Until you bring your awareness to what you are afraid of, that vague yet immobilizing fear will be in your driver’s seat. By naming your fear, you reconnect to your power, because now you see what’s in your way.

On a blank page, ask yourself, “What might happen if I really go for my dream (in that full-blown leap of faith kind of way)?” “What is the worst-case scenario?” and write out your answers in full. Give your fears an uncensored voice, getting it all out on the page. While this may seem like an enormous undertaking, and of course it takes as long as it takes, I’d honestly be surprised if you spend more than 30 minutes on this.

2. Read It Aloud

When you’re done writing, read it out loud, without interruption, ideally to someone you trust.  Once you’ve finished, have the person listening ask you, “Are you ready to take action, despite your fears?” Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

If your answer is anything but a full-fledged “Yes!” then read it again, the whole thing. And again. And again. As many times as it takes, each time answering the question at the end: “Are you ready to take action, despite your fears?

3. Take Aligned Action

leap and the net will appear

Once you’ve determined that, yes, you are indeed ready to take action, despite your fears, then identify one or two clear, challenging-but-doable next steps that you WILL take to move in the direction of your dreams.

There’s no longer any reason to stay stuck. This 3-part exercise will get you unstuck, helping you move from a place of fear and doubt, into the clarity of awareness about WHAT you’re afraid of…and then back into aligned action.

BE courageous.  Take this no nonsense, simple, powerful, dream-propelling next step:

–> Submit your answers to my Dream Discovery Questions and receive a complimentary Dream Discovery session with Create Your Life! Founder & Dream Acceleration™ Master Coach, Tara Sage Steeves.

Your dreams will thank you!

First come, first served, so do respond right away before your fearful Inner Naysayer successfully talks you out of why you shouldn’t do this for yourself.

I can’t wait to connect!

The Secret to Healing “Tomorrow Syndrome”

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, have you ever found yourself saying:

  • “not now…later”
  • “what I need can wait”
  • “as soon as I have more…(fill in the blank)”
  • “next month/season/year, when things calm down a bit”
  • “at some point”
  • “someday…soon”

…all while putting off your joy, nourishment, and happiness and finding yourself feeling more and more depleted and scattered?

Let’s be honest here…Have you been putting your dreams on hold? If so, for how long?

Maybe it’s recent. Did you start off this year with the intention that “This is my year” yet already find yourself saying “maybe in a few months”?

“Tomorrow Syndrome” is an epidemic, really.  But the good news is: there’s a cure. 

If you’re tired of the status-quo and feeling cranky about the fact that “someday” keeps getting pushed further and further out, then it’s really time for a change. It’s time to decide to finally stop putting off your dreams. 

“Only put off until tomorrow

what you are willing to die having left undone.”

~Pablo Picasso~

Does that Picasso quote sound harsh? Maybe so. But seeing as none of us know when our last day is, it really is time to prioritize your deepest dreams and desires. And you are NOT in this alone. I am here to support you and there’s an entire community of support here for you.

To ensure that 2014 doesn’t become just one more year where your dreams just fester and you continue to feel like you’re running-in-place…

Here’s the antidote to all that:

3 Keys to Healing “Tomorrow Syndrome”

KEY #1. Bring your “later game” to light

Finish the sentence: “I can’t pursue my dreams now because…”

In order to win your own “later game”, you must first name it. Then you can begin to challenge your own habitual self-sabotaging reasoning. Once you pinpoint WHAT you keep telling yourself about why you can’t start now, you can then decide to have a new kind of experience with decision-making, moving forward despite your “later logic” – and finally let your HEART be heard and take the lead.

TODAY surrounded by later times

KEY #2. Get clear on the impact of waiting

How is waiting to live the life of your dreams impacting you, your life, and well-being? (Honesty can only serve you here.) And most importantly, how does it FEEL to live this way? Waiting can create bitterness and resentment, and no, patience, in this regard, is not a virtue. 

Getting more honest than perhaps you ever have before about how this is impacting you will help you see how UNSUSTAINABLE the “later game” really is! How will you feel if, 5 years from now, nothing has changed (except you’re older and more tired than ever)? How will you feel if, in 1, 3, or 5 years, you’re still telling yourself “someday…soon”?

KEY #3. Accountability NOW

Waiting doesn’t serve you. Admit it and do something about it immediately. 

Decide that TODAY IS YOUR SOMEDAY and take action that will set you up with the accountability and support to ensure you stay on track.

Then begin right away to weave The Dream Acceleration™ Process into your life, one proven step at a time.  Your future is yours to create and you are right on the cusp of it’s creation… By deciding to act NOW on your desired future, you’ll be setting yourself up with personalized support, a commumity that gets it and is in the same process right along with you, and a fast-track action plan to get you on the path of your own choosing. 

Ready to start, but not sure how?

If you’re ready to finally clear those claustrophobic, confusing, dream cobwebs, and discover the exact steps you need to unlock your deepest dreams and begin to live then NOW, then be sure to click here to claim your complimentary seat in my special February 27 teleclass.  My gift to you. I will be going in-depth about how to put the essential pieces of the dream realization puzzle to work for you, so that (no matter how big, small, silly or vague you may think your dreams are) you too can go from dreaming to LIVING those dreams – and, f-a-s-t!

“See” you there!

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Ever feel jumbled and like you’re really not sure where to put your energy, what to do first, or where the heck to turn?  We’ve all been there.

confusedThat said, some stay longer than is neccessary!  It’s temporary.
There’s no need to camp out at Confusion Junction.

It’s a decision point, for sure. However uncomfortable it may feel to be there, this place can really serve as a powerful launch pad for what’s next.

While sometimes hard to read the signs, Confusion Junction is right at the corners of Creation Ave. and New Possibilities Blvd.  🙂

Seriously.  When you find yourself thinking that the answer to every question is “I don’t know” …  consider this:   

If you did know, what would the answer be?  

Based on your experiences up ’til now, what DO you know about what you want – and what you don’t want?  (Hint: Nobody knows this answer better than you.)

If you were to let go of judgements about what’s practical, or realistic, or others’ opinions about what you should or shouldn’t be doing, what would you do?  

As yours answers to these questions start to come, get as specific as possible.  I hear from Create Your Life! dreamers a lot, things like “I want more freedom” or “I want more love” or “I want more money” and that’s in the right direction, but let’s be honest, it’s also vague.

So do a check-in for yourself … Are YOU being vague in terms of your intentions and what you are looking to create? 

Know that just by the act of setting an intention, you instantly align your energy and focus with the path that you desire.

So, before doing anything else, take a moment to consider…

  • What’s your intention for the next 6-12 months of your life?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What is the energy you want to be swimming in?
  • What are the physical manifestations of what you want to create? In other words, how will you know when you’ve gotten there?


In each moment, what you do and what you think, creates your future. So the thoughts you are thinking and the actions you are taking right now, in a sense, are your crystal ball.

From exactly where you ARE, you have the opportunity to DECIDE, as the creator of your own experience, which direction you’re heading. Getting on the path is the first step. 

4 Steps To Take When You Don’t Know What To Do

STEP 1. Make An “I Could…” List

What are all the next steps you COULD take?  Make an “I could” brain dump. List as many action steps as you can think of that you could take. List them out as they come to you, in any order.

STEP 2. Prioritize Your List

Once you have a solid list of things that you COULD do, begin to arrange your list into the order that makes the most sense based on the future you are wanting.  And as you do, be careful not to slip into this become an “I should…” list!  

STEP 3. Commit & Decidedecsion

Ask yourself: What next step or steps could I take right away?


I will __________________ by ______________________.

Check in:

  • Are your next steps specific?
  • Are they measurable?
  • Do they have a due date?
  • Are they challenging but doable, for you, right now?

If yes…Good for you!

STEP 4. Put It On Your Calendar 

Your calendar is a reflection of how you spend your time on this earth.

Put your next steps on your calendar and then begin right away to take the necessary action. Be sure celebrate these action steps, however small, because there really is no such thing as a small step forward. 

The Dream BIGGER Extravaganza is underway (and it’s not too late to join the party)!

Your “someday” has arrived.  YEH!

I have to say … I am so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with each of these incredible dreamers-in-action. Truly such an honor.  In addition to all the deliciousness that comes with collaboration, I can honestly say that I have personally received something from each one of them – and I know you will too! 

So please do join us right away at www.DreamBiggerExtravaganza.com so you don’t miss another minute. Get ready to not only dream BIGGER but be a better, braver you and have more ease, joy, love, abundance – and fun.  (Assuming that’s something you’re into, of course.) 🙂

This event is not a big pitch-fest.  It’s content-rich – and we laugh a lot. So get ready to soak in all the dream-propelling goodness.

Here’s The Dream BIGGER Extravaganza line-up…

Get Your Girl Back: Reignite Your Passion for Life
With Traci Bild
Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Air date: Monday, February 3, 2014

Was there ever a time you felt invincible? Do you long to have that feeling again? In this session, Traci will share six crucial truths and dares for a total life transformation.

Empowered to Write: How to Break Through Blocks and Get in your Creative Zone
With Lisa Tener
Author Expert and Award Winning Book Writing Coach

Air date: Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are you writing a book, but getting stuck? In this seminar you will learn what’s in your way and how to break through to freedom and get that book written — or complete any creative project with greater ease and fun.

Love Your Job, or Die Trying
Jon Kjaer Nielsen

Consultant, Speaker, Author

Air date: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What makes us happy at work? Learn Simple and powerful tools to willfully create your best possible work-life, and why you should love your job as if your life depended on it.

3 Tips for Building a Juicy (and Genius!) Business Partnership
With Juicy Geniuses, Leanne Kallal & Alexandra Cattoni
Coaches, online marketing and content creation specialists, Juicy Geniuses founders

Air date: Thursday, February 6, 2014

We believe that each person has a genius that lives within them. When you learn how to identify and own your strengths and partner with people who have complementary skills, you’ll experience exponential impact and success.

Familytopia is not a Myth: How One ex-Corporate Mom is Helping Others Redefine “The Perfect Family”
Johanna Corcoran
Founder and President of Familytopia

Air date: Friday, February 7, 2014

Achieving the dream of a happy family is not unattainable. Identify your roadblocks and get clear on what sort of family life you truly desire, so you can be on your way toward creating a well-balanced, fulfilling family life!

Awakening Life! Release energy draining expectations and Live Your Best Life NOW!
With Patrina Wisdom
“The Fresh Start Specialist”, entrepreneur and expert whole-life strategist

Air date: Saturday, February 8, 2014

Imagine that right NOW – in this very moment – you can set free the confidence and the courage to live your best life! Learn how to allow your own purpose, passion and true desires to be in control as you experience more of what you want in life, relationships and success.

Letting Go: Heal Your Past & Open Your Heart
With Shann Vander Leek
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Air date: Sunday, February 9, 2014

To be fully present and shine our light, we must explore our darkness. Learn how to get to the root of what is weighing you down so you can let go of what no longer serves you and begin to heal your precious heart.

3 Must-Take Daily Actions to Activate Business Miracles As A Highly Sensitive Self-employed Coach or Entrepreneur™
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Move, Nourish and Be Your Most Epic Self
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Sacred hustle – A crash course in crossing the gap between big ideas & kickass realities
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Air date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just about everyone at some point bumps up against struggles in life rooted in past pain. Learn how to follow your purpose, find your meaning, and free yourself from your past so you can take charge of your future.

Discovering Your Passion and Harnessing Fear to Fuel Your Success
Elysia Johnson

R & B Singer, Songwriter

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Discover your destiny and the exclusive gifts you have to share with the world. Learn how to uncover your passion and to courageously pursue it in order to live a life full of purpose and fulfillment.

Thriving in Romance – The Ultimate Journey Through Fear to Radical Self Love
With Kelsey Grant
Radical Self Love coach, speaker, author and musician

Air date: Friday, February 14, 2014

We all want love, we all want acceptance and for the most part we yearn to share our lives with someone who we deem to be our life partners. The key to incredible partnerships begins with you.

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Last but certainly not least …

While I’ve got your attention, let me say THANK YOU for being part of this incredible e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g Culture of Dreaming! Your part in this movement is important. Together we really are so much more.

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Tara Steeves, Create Your Life! Founder & Dream Acceleration™ Master Coach

Pregnant With A Dream: Meeting Lisa Nichols

Are YOU Pregnant With a Dream?  Now, I don’t mean a baby – but rather a dream that you KNOW you are meant to bring to life, to birth something that *if you don’t* you’ll always wonder what could have been…

In the words of Marianne Williamson “Each of us is pregnant with a better version of ourselves.”

So true.  I know first-hand what it feels like to have dreams that scare the bejesus out of me, and to simultaneously know that I *MUST* bring them to life, despite my sometimes overwhelming fear. That’s why I wrote the book, Are You Pregnant With a Dream?

As life coach and founder of Create Your Life!, I know what it takes to go from Fear to Freedom, and I have coached hundreds, soon to be thousands, on the magic and momentum that takes hold when my 9-step Dream Acceleration(TM) Process gets activated.

In September 2013, after watching a YouTube video of Ms. Lisa Nichols speaking (she was in the movie The Secret, a Chicken Soup for the Soul author, founder of Motivating the Masses, and so much more…) a dream was activated in me: I wanted to meet her.  Not in a celebrity-crazed-kind-of-way.  But in a … this-woman-is-powerful-and-the-real-deal-and-I-feel-absolutely-compelled-to-do-whatever-I need-to-to-meet-and-talk-to-her kind of way.  And, proof to the power of a dream-in-action, just two short months later, it happened! 

Here are some “selfies” that Lisa Nichols and I took after a little heart-to-heart.

(Read more on what’s extra-special about THIS photo below.)

And here’s one of her working her magic on stage:

A quick aside about that second photo of us standing in front of the Lisa Nichols poster:

I noticed that, in the poster, she has braces on her teeth – and I asked her about it.  Now, really, do you think she could have had that photoshopped out before blowing it up into a great big stand-on-it’s-own poster?  Shoot. Let’s be honest … I would’ve!

Of course she could have!  BUT – she had braces when the photo was taken, so that’s what’s in the picture.  How’s THAT for a little window into how *REAL* this woman is.  🙂

It was a true honor and a privilege to not only meet her, but even more … after our off-stage connection, there was a moment (during the height of her guiding the room through a mind-blowing belief transformation process), that I SAW her.  And – she saw me see her.

People were shouting and crying and doing all kinds of wild, free and full self-expression … an experience that left every person in that room forever changed …

She did what only the best speakers do: she got herself out of the way.  And in that moment, I SAW HER, with tears in her eyes, as the room was divided into our small groups doing the exercise she had given us to do.  She and I locked eyes.  It’s was a pregnant pause.  Beautiful beyond words.  One that I will never forget it.

Thank you, Lisa Nichols. Thank you Universe of Possibility.  It’s good to be alive.  It’s not always easy – but it’s so so good…  We are absolutely in this together.

So, again, may I ask … Are YOU Pregnant With a Dream?

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate.

Love and blessings,


What if I don’t know what my dreams ARE?

  “Most people really foul up at the crucial first step because they simply can’t see how it’s possible to get what they want – so they don’t even let themselves want it.  You must first decide what you want before your brain can figure out how to get it.”  Jack Canfield

We are in an extraordinary time – a time that challenges us to work together, ask new questions, put our best face forward, engage fully, and take action on our dreams.  I received a question recently that I know speaks for many: “Tara, I don’t know what I am meant to do, let alone how to get there! What do you do when you don’t know what your dreams are?”  A phenomenal question!

“I don’t know”

From the question, it appears that “I don’t know” is at the heart of the dilemma.  We’ve all experienced times of not knowing, and these times can be an invitation to explore, surrender, reflect and ask new questions.   Yet, sometimes, “not knowing” provides us with a false sense of comfort, safety, and even the justification for self-sabotage.  For example, “If I don’t know, I can’t possibly be expected to do anything about it.  Yes, I think I’ll stay… right…here.”  The catch is, the longer you stay there, the more challenging it becomes to visualize and stretch into the extraordinary realm of what’s possible, and the more practiced you become at justifying “someday,” “later” and “I can’t.”

It’s a conundrum: We justify because we’re afraid of the unknown, yet just beyond our fear, possibilities await.  By pinpointing the voice of fear, we set the stage to move beyond it.  Yoda said, “Named must your fear be before banish it you can.”  When you name it you frame it, I say.

If you listen very closely, you may hear a different voice – a brave, restless voice longing to be heard that reminds you of your power and capacity for boundless joy, creativity, satisfaction and accomplishment.  Big, small, or silly, I believe dreams are the voice of your soul and living them is your gift to the world.  In order to follow your dreams, you need to leave your safe haven.

“Meant to do”

I invite you to consider that the daunting notion of what you are “meant to do” boils down to the very manageable prospect of following your joy.  I believe joy is our purpose and creating a life we love is our birthright.  As a Dream Realization Coach, I echo Canfield’s offering that the best way to streamline the realization of dreams and goals is to bravely and faithfully declare what you want prior to knowing how it will happen.  To do this, we must move beyond the “meant to do” and step into the joyful power of declaration.

Share & Declare

The first bold step is to declare your dreams – to yourself! With the support of gently prodding questions, you may discover that you do know what you want.  I invite you to set aside some time to journal and reflect on these questions.  Let yourself imagine:

  • If you did know what you dreamed of, what would it be?  (A trick question!)
  • If you had all the love and money you could ever want, what would you do?
  • If you could script your life to be unreasonably phenomenal, how would it go?

The answers to these questions can free you from your safe haven and propel you toward your dreams!

To review,

Step One: Reveal what you desire in as much detail as you possibly can.   Step Two: Declare it bravely and boldly with as many people as possible.  Keep in mind that brave people are not fearless.  If they were fearless, what would they need bravery for?!?

Step Three of course is aligned action. Yet without the inner reflection and bravery of bringing your dreams to the surface, the busy-ness of step three will only serve as a distraction.  And investing in the first two steps will make step three much, much easier…

Know that a legacy of dreamers have gone before you, and trust that you are participating in a natural process supported by a co-creative universe of possibility.  Your job is to simply to take the next step…

You’re invited!

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What’s YOUR Intention?

I’m so moved, and want to share something a client of mine posted today on Facebook:

“I met a woman this week who started each call we had with a warm welcome & then proceeded to tell me what her INTENT was for the call…have to say, it caught me off guard but I was extremely impressed! I believe, when you come in to contact with people & they raise the bar, my goal is to rise as well!

As I was on my way to work today I was talking with my husband & he says so baby how’s your morning and I replied “horrible horrible horrible!!” And he asked why, my reply…cuz I don’t wanna go to work! As we ended the call I heard the words of Tara Sage Steeves asking “So Tikisha, what is your intent?” I have to say, it called me to attention! Regardless of what I DONT want to do, the fact remained that I had to come to work. If I set my intent on my day being horrible x3, guess what kinda day I’m gonna have?! YUP horrible x3!

So I re-focused & told myself that MY INTENT for this day is to be nothing less than my best! Realizing that greatness doesn’t happen when you see your name in lights, it happens when you clearly define your INTENT TO BE GREAT WITH NO LIGHTS!”

SO POW-ER-FUL!!  And as an added note, I have no doubt, sooner than she thinks, her name *will* be in lights.

What’s YOUR Intention?  Post below.

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Tara  🙂



Basement & Bathtub Mojo

Joy to you!

Those of you who know my story, know that my dream realization mojo really kicked into gear from the depths of the dark, musty, basement apartment where I lived … for 3 years!

bathYep. At the time, I was absolutely drowning in debt and I spent most Friday and Saturday nights with my cat. Trust me, the metaphor was not lost on me that my basement “digs” were a constant reminder that I was LITERALLY underground. Yet, it was there that I started to dream … determined and believing that that there had GOT to be a better way!

I used to look out my tiny-tiny window – with the view of the sidewalk and the tires of cars passing by – and I’d dream. While I didn’t know it at the time, this is where seeds of Create Your Life! were born.

Now, not only was my apartment in a basement, it had a teeny-tiny *black* bathroom – yes, black paint(!) was on the walls. (Trust me, I thought many times about re-painting, but I simply couldn’t stand to be IN there long enough to repaint it!)  My teeny-tiny black bathroom, of course, had a stand-up shower.  Oh, how I DREAMED of a bathtub!!

So when I *finally* moved out – and bought a house (which is another story for another time) – a bathtub was one of my non-negotiable requirements. And to this day, I love and cherish my bathtub.  It is, to me, a sacred place of respite. A few candles, some bath salts – sometimes a glass of wine – and my bathtub becomes an at-home spaaaaaaahhh…  A mini-vacation. No packing or travel required.

How ’bout you?  What is the ultimate retreat for you? What are some of the ways you give yourself a delicious break? How do you create sacred, rejuvenating time for yourself?

Do YOU need a vacation? Or, at the minimum, a break for some “you time” to unwind, to regroup, to rejuvenate?  And really … who couldn’t benefit from having more R & R?

Do You Dream of Time OFF?

Taking time off is an important part of holistic self-care and well-being. Here in the U.S., summer is fast approaching …a common time for long weekends with family and friends, days at the beach, boating, camping, hiking, gardening, barbeques, and just kickin’ back for some rest and relaxation!

Sound refreshing and inviting? Comforting and balancing? Or does it create a feeling of inner confusion and anxiety … wanting to take time off but fearing that there will be a high price to pay?

vacaWhen was the last time YOU took an honest vacation? When was the last time you truly “unplugged” from the daily grind and felt renewed, refreshed, and invigorated?

Imagine YOU … not working … and not even thinking about work.  Your energy is instead fully available for other things. It might be an hour, a weekend, a week, or a full month!  Either way, it’s precious and delightful time OFF!

Have YOU taken time off yet this year? Do you have plans for time off in the coming months? It’s not too late (or too early) to start planning and schedule this time on your calendar – you could do this right now.  Why not take this opportunity to sit down with your calendar, decide on and then DO whatever needs to be done to support YOU having some time off?

Notice: What’s coming up for you?  Are you hearing yourself say, for example:

  • “When I’m done with this project then maybe I’ll look at my calendar.”
  • “I don’t have time, with my family commitments and all..”
  • “I haven’t worked hard enough to really deserve time off.”
  • “There’s no money in the budget for a vacation.”
  • “Time off will only set me back and create more work.”
  • “I would love to but…(fill in the blank)”

Let me say … I am in no way suggesting that you re-mortgage your house or plunk down the credit card to go on an extravagant vacation. Yet here’s the risk of letting these thoughts stop you from saying “YES” to time off altogether …

It’s exactly these kinds of thought patterns of undeservedness or “someday” or “later” thinking, that can lead to a sense of martyrdom, to feeling unappreciated, to setting yourself up for burn out, AND neglecting your need for R & R can even have an adverse effect on your healthkiddie pool and well-being.

We *all* need time off!  And, truth is, taking time off allows us to be much more productive and engaged during our time on!

Time off is about shifting gears to support your holistic well-being. Time off is a KEY piece to creating true Success Synergy: a balance of working AND not working. It is an investment in well-being, and frankly … the alternative is unsustainable.

If you DON’T give yourself time to re-charge, your body will eventually demand it but – why wait ’til your bod is SCREAMING for you honor this basic need?!?  Your know better. It’s really about being someone who honors this need and allows *space* in your mind, in your heart, and in your LIFE for what nourishes you – doing what you need to do to prioritize and support of your own self-care. And really: if you don’t do it, who will?

Even if you don’t know yet exactly how or where you’re going to spend your time off, it’s important to make a commitment to carving out that time NOW. That means time unplugged – not working. (Yes, even if you *love* your job. And yes, even if the budget is tight.)

Again – there are no rules about distance, duration, or cost. A frankly, an extravagant vacation doesn’t not necessary mean a more rejuvenating vacation. So, make it your own. It could be a stay-cation!  Time off can be as simple as YOU, a magazine, and a lawn chair.  It’s about carving out “you time” – time dedicated to NOT working and NOT thinking about work. Claim it and make it yours!  Enjoy!

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Fear does NOT want you to read this …

Fear does NOT want you to read this … and certainly not to the end!

That’s because I’m going to share it’s best kept SECRET, so that the next time fear shows itself and threatens to de-rail your dreams, you will be prepared for it’s savvy powers of persuasion.

Fear is TOO OFTEN victorious.

Fear too often “wins” because many people would sooner share their worst fear with the mailman before they share what they dream of! Dreams are often thought to be private, sometimes even under lock and key … and because of THIS, showing up at the starting line can sometimes feel like the riskiest part. And for this reason alone, far too many don’t even begin!

Oooo, I know…. Fear sure knows how to get to YOU!  Often, all it takes is a few words and you surrender:

“Oh, be realistic!”
“That’s impossible.”
“You’ll never succeed.”
“Be reasonable … I mean, really.”
“Don’t set your sights too high.”
“Who do you think you ARE?”
“Why rock the boat?”
“Imagine what so-and-so will say…”
“Oh, things are good enough.”
“You don’t have enough (fill in the blank) for that.”
And the list goes on…

Just like that, any ONE of those statements can send you right back to your repetitive reality, to living your ‘default life’ (a.k.a. what’s familiar). No matter how miserable you may be … hey, at least you know what to expect, right?

Wrong. Not okay. This logic and belief in limitation really and truly makes my heart hurt.

Because, I know there’s another way, and I know there’s a wiser, braver, bolder part of YOU – the part of you that, even in spite of fear, believes in possibility despite “the odds” and believes in the inherent wisdom of your heart.  Even if only on occasion.  You get glimpses of a higher truth – which more than likely then kicks your fears back into overdrive … and round and round it goes!

It’s crazy-making!  And fear can be SO convincing – believe me, I know!

Because, you see …

(drum roll…)

… THAT’S its genius!  It knows exactly what will leave you feeling defenseless. It knows exactly where your weak spots are (because fear IS your weak spot) and it is MASTERFUL at scaring you right back into your “safe zone” of “good enough” – or worse – what I call “comfortable misery.”

AND – it has stamina!

For example, if, by chance, one of those first statements don’t do the trick to have you resigned to “reality”, Fear has a Plan B waiting in the wings: It’ll serve up an abundance of so-called “evidence.”

You know what I mean … a history lesson, a probability quiz, reminders about the expectations of others and the “rules” of social norms that you “should” follow … It’ll even dredge up that story about that-time-when-you-did-that-thing (and then felt like a fool or a failure)… and why you should do everything in your power to avoid risking something like that happening again!

Oh yes, fear can have you paralyzed in no time.  It can EVEN trick you into thinking it’s on your SIDE!  That is, if you’re not prepared…

That’s why it’s absolutely critical to remember: Just ‘cuz it’s persuasive and persistent, doesn’t mean it’s True!

Because the Truth with a capital “T” is that possibility ABOUNDS and your dreams are simply waiting for YOU to engage … ya know, instead of running away or running for a broom to sweep it back under the rug!

See, what’s *so* critical to understand is that your dream BECOMES possible the moment you declare it to be!  You got that?  Worth repeating: What’s so critical and what I really want you to “get” is that your dreams become possible for you the moment you DECLARE that that they are!  (Yes, you really ARE that powerful.)  

Have YOU mistakenly filed your dreams under “impossible”?  (It’s okay. You can re-file them.)


In the face of fear, it can be *so* easy to feel resigned and hopeless about your dreams. It’s easy to feel scattered and overwhelmed, or “too busy” to STOP and take an honest inventory of your precious life passing you by…

YET – the sooner you bravely do so, and set yourself up with the right support, the sooner you’ll LIVE them.  It’s that simple really.

Here’s what fear WON’T tell you…

–> What fear won’t tell you, and what it wants more than anything to KEEP you from seeing … is the cost of NOT going for it.

–> What’s the price you’re paying by NOT investing in your dream(s)?

–> How is it impacting you to put off the fulfillment of your heart’s deepest desires?

–> What is the cost – and the RISK – of always wondering?

–> What’s the cost – and the RISK – of waiting … another 6 months? Year? Another 5 years? 10 years?

Can you afford THAT?!?  Fear fears THIS question most of all … because it knows the answer is NO.

No matter how big, small, silly or vague you may think your dream is, it is time for YOU to start right now, from exactly where you ARE, to step up, believe in possibility, acknowledge your heart’s wisdom, celebrate the excitement of the journey ahead, and STOP wondering and waiting for “someday”.

When will you decide that NOW is the right time?

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May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

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