Impossible?!? HA!

Celebrating the success of my clients is one of my most “favorite-est” things to do!!  🙂 Here are a few recent successes I can’t resist shouting from this virtual rooftop:

==> After just *one month* of private coaching together, an artist client of mine has gone from having 0 commissioned works on her docket, to EIGHT … and counting!! (At Create Your Life! we scoff at the “starving artist” construct.)

==> Another got her first new biz speaking opportunity, and turned it into 8 follow-up connections with prospects eager for her services. (Go girl!)

==> Another rolled up her sleeves and created dramatic transformation and order in her home office … and in the process has set herself up to breathe new life into an old business. (Magic in the making.)

==> Another released 36lbs over the last few months, and is doing more of what she loves: getting paid to play games. (Yep!)

==> Another (a single mom and business owner), has a solidly doable plan for 2016, that includes $240k in revenue *and* 2+ months of international leisure travel in the New Year.

…. Some would say these things are impossible. Ha!
Create Your Life! clients do the “impossible” on a regular basis.

Want to be the next Success Story?? Visit and claim a complimentary session, and together let’s explore the possibilities.

I can’t wait to serve YOU!

“Nice” vs. “Kind”: How These Words Can Change The Course of Your Life

I’ve always cringed at the word “nice”. Here’s why:

There’s a very important (and subtle) difference between being “nice” and being “kind” and the difference can really set you up for two VERY distinctly different life path trajectories.

My problem with “nice” is boiled down to the fact that the focus of “nice” is on people pleasing. See, “nice” is dependent on someone else to give you the “nice” stamp of approval. “She’s so nice.” “He’s a nice person.” Others must decide if you’re nice – or not nice.  And since a consensus is VERY unlikely … this can lead to a lifetime of falling short, never officially earning the “nice” stamp.

It’s so very Santa Claus.  It’s time to stop living for presents and avoiding coal, don’t you think?  Nice/not nice is a framework and a mindset that risks self-sacrifice, martyrdom, and always living for the approval of others in order to feel good about yourself and your choices.

be-kind“Kind”, on the other hand, is a character trait. You can claim it, intend it, practice it, adopt it. “Kindness” is an act, an extension of being kind. And, hey, someone can appreciate an act of kindness – or not. That’s up to them. But, either way, no consensus is needed for you to be kind.

The short of it is this:  “Kind” lives in the HEART, and “nice” lives in the MINDS OF OTHERS.

What do you think? Is there a difference between “nice’ and “kind”? If so, what is it and does it matter? Do you feel that one invites a different way of living than the other? How so? Are YOU kind? Are YOU nice? How do you know?

VIP Day Fun

Since I currently have a few open spots in my calendar for VIP Day sessions, and because I know how **powerful** these sessions are, I wanted to share these words from a client received after our virtual VIP Day last week (along with a super cute photo op moment during our virtual connection, that I simply couldn’t resist) …

If this speaks to YOU, I invite you to apply right away for a VIP Day of your own here.

“Tara is a powerhouse of a coach!! Before Create Your Life, I had no idea how to synthesize my talent and creativity to fit my personality and style,Teri Sica and to leverage and expand the work I’ve been doing with clients for over 30 years as a psychotherapist and coach. On my own, I couldn’t get clear on how it would look or feel, and I was running too fast to take the time to STOP and think about it. It was first through joining Tara’s Dream Acceleration Program™ that I realized exactly where I wanted to be. I also begin utilizing many of these concepts, experiments, and techniques with my own clients and my work rose to a new level!

Then I had my VIP day with Tara — so much FUN and so POWERFUL! I was struck by how quickly we nailed down my working process and the title of my upcoming series/program! Tara is the “queen of words” as I always say! She listened, asked me all of the right questions, and we nailed it in just a half day’s worth of time!

I am now in the position to work globally (one of my dreams is to escape winters and enjoy working from wherever I feel like traveling!). I now have a beautiful clear model of my working process, and have given birth to my dream by actually “naming” it, and will be launching my program soon – THANK YOU Tara!! So incredibly powerful ! Again, THANK YOU TARA!! I’m so excited and can’t wait to serve in this bigger way!

~ Teri Sica, LICSW, Psychotherapist, Coach, Speaker

This is unheard of.

Totally unprompted, a client of mine reached out to me and shared that she has decided to PAY the way, as a decidedly anonymous donor, for whomever I choose to receive a full Scholarship Seat in my renowned, virtual, Dream Acceleration™ Program!!

WHY would she do this? She said simply that she credits The Dream Acceleration™ Program for so much of the success that she’s had, and that now that she can, she wants to give back and pay the way for someone else who might not otherwise have the opportunity to join the program.   Incredible, right?  You’ve heard it here! 

Feeling moved and inspired (by just more evidence of how incredible my clients are), I posted on Facebook about this generous offering, and within minutes, guess what?? I received a private message from yet ANOTHER client who wrote:

“I would like to donate $100 towards your scholarship program. The Dream Acceleration™ Program changed my life, and I would like to give back in a meaningful way.”

I was blown away.   I have had the true HONOR of leading this extraordinary program for hundreds of people spanning 4 continents in the 10+ years I’ve been in business … Are YOU next?  

Excuses are officially off the table.  This is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to say YES to your dreams. Put on your dream acceleration seat belt and get ready for take off!  

I can’t wait to serve YOU!  

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Exorcise Exercise (& other dream-propelling success strategies)

Joy to you!

Through a personal share here, I want to shine light on something very important: a Pivotal Dream Acceleration Strategy that applies no matter what you’re dreaming about or aspiring to create in your life.
Last night I went to a Spin Class, on purpose. I say that because I never would have done this a few years ago – well, not happily. I now go once a week, sometimes twice, and love every minute of it.
I also dance like my life depends on it, care-free and sweating it out on a salsa dance floor for a solid 2-3 hours/night, at least 2 nights a week (sometimes 4). And once a week, I do a quick and dirty CrossFit workout. When given the option, I take the stairs. When there’s a drum circle, I dance. I go for hikes, I stretch, I move my body … often, and for one primary reason: because it feels good.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always been this way.
Ugh, how I used to DREAD exercise! When I did it (because I knew I “should”), I used to watch the clock and couldn’t wait for it to be over. I suffered through it. I felt fat and weak and was frighteningly aware of all the ways I felt I was falling short of where I wanted to be – with my body, my fitness, my sense of self.
In my mind’s eye I saw a picture of my highest and best self, all while also seeing with my own eyes all the ways I wasn’t fully embodying that.
Tara in blueI know what it feels like to cry quietly in a dressing room and I know the angst of dressing in the morning when nothing quite fits the way you want… I remember this well, but thankfully it is no longer my experience.In my coaching work with my clients, and in my kick-ass Dream Acceleration Program™ (details at, one of the many topics we give focus to is the extraordinary Power of Language to create your life and create transformation. 
This one strategy has been truly pivotal for me in the transformation of my relationship with my body and with exercise.
Here’s HOW:
One day, I decided to Exorcise Exercise (and all it’s associations, goals, expectations, formalities, weight-loss ideals, comparisons, failures, and “shoulds”…) and on that day, a huge weight was released.
I decided, I do NOT exercise. I decided that it sounded *way* too much like “exorcise” to be fun, and that instead I would embrace that I simply *Move In The World*.
Moving In The World gave me the permission I needed to move for the sake of moving, to enjoy it, to challenge myself, to go outside, to a salsa lesson, a dance club, the woods …
I started to embrace and to see the WORLD as my gym and my BODY as my home.  
This changed everything for me.
Since then, a lot has happened: I’ve learned to hold my own on a Latin dance floor, I did a solid year of CrossFit, I learned about and have experimented with the right nutrition for me, I “cheat” without anxiety, I turned 40, and I am of course, absolutely still on the journey, one day at a time.
But shifting the language in my head from ‘Exercise’ to ‘Moving in the World’ was a pivotal first step and pivotal turning point. So, I thought I’d share it … and invite you to share it as well, in hopes that it will serve you to Exorcise Exercise and join in a ‘Moving in the World’ Movement (pun intended).
“Dream realization is really about self-actualization.”  You can quote me on that.
Here’s the thing:
Whatever it is you’re looking to create in your life to reflect a more fully-actualized version of YOU, if you haven’t already you’ll want to be sure to secure your seat in The Dream Acceleration Program™ where you will receive *everything* you need to get on the fast-track to doing exactly this.
==> Now, you can of course go directly to and register, but I find that most people have questions first.  So, I want to invite you instead to follow this link and set yourself up with a complimentary, private, 1:1 Dream Discovery session – you and me.
This is my no-attachment-to-outcome GIFT to YOU. We’ll connect by phone to make sure you get exactly what you need, to serve and support your personal journey.  If this speaks to you, first come first served, it is my absolute pleasure to connect, to hear more about what you’re up to, and to answer any questions you may have about whether this program is the right fit for you.
I look forward to connecting!
To the dance of life,
Dream Acceleration Master Coach & Founder of Create Your Life! 

Dreams & hazard lights

You’ve likely heard it said that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” This little quote has been showing up a lot for me lately.

Fiat, deskOne recent example of this is … I needed to move my desk. Rather than wait for another day when I could rent a van and have the help of others, I decided to figure out a way.

Awkward as it was … I walked (more like waddled) it to my car, and bit by bit managed to get it into my little Fiat as far as it would go (not very). I jury-rigged a rope around the front seat stretching around the legs of the desk, then got in, put on my hazard lights, and drove (all while feeling rather proud of myself, I might add).

My little “Desk in Fiat” adventure got me thinking about YOU … and about dreaming, BIG and BOLD.

It got me thinking about what it takes to do extraordinary, even seemingly “impossible” things, in your life. Whether it’s meeting a fitness goal, or building a business, or traveling, or moving to a new place, or changing careers, or finding love, learning how to parasail, or whatever the heck makes your heart flutter at the thought of…

While I’m guessing fitting a desk in a Fiat probably isn’t on that list for you, there’s wisdom to be had here … about what it REALLY takes to make things happen – the things that most people say can’t be done.  

It’s about BEING someone that does it anyway, successfully, no matter how many attempts it takes – in a despite-the-odds, outside-the-box, because-I-simply-don’t-accept-that-I-can’t way. 

If you want something to happen, you’ve got to first convince yourself that it IS possible. This is critical. So rather than spending your precious energy on doubt, you instead can focus your energy and attention on figuring out HOW.

Once you decide to show up as someone who, rather than saying “I can’t”, boldly asks “How can I…?”, then rolls up your sleeves, and is willing to waddle if you have to … trusting yourself enough to figure it out as you go …

Well, what I know to be true is that THAT’S the stuff that dreams are *truly* made of.

Are YOU ready to stop putting your dreams off until “someday” and find a way, today?  If so, I whole-heartedly invite you to click here and claim a complimentary 1:1 Dream Discovery session with moi – my personal GIFT to YOU. Similar in spirit to fitting a desk in a Fiat, we’ll find a way to get you into my already full calendar as soon as possible.  We’ll find a time and we’ll make it fit.   🙂

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

P.S. Guess what? Your dreams ARE realistic! Click here and together we’ll roll up our sleeves and figure out “the HOW”, one step at a time.


Ignite the Secret to Living on Purpose

fireworksAt this time of year known for fireworks and celebration, I am bringing you a topic about connecting in and igniting your Inner Spark … a chance to connect to YOUR inner fireworks!

At Create Your Life! one thing we provide our clients with is a Recommended Resource List to create their very own top-notch Dream Realization Library. One book on this list is Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. The following is from page 168:

Discovering Our Higher Purpose by Shakti Gawain

“We all have a great deal to offer the world and to each other, each in our own special and unique way. To a great degree, our own personal sense of well-being is a function of how much we are expressing and living this.

We each have a significant contribution to make in this lifetime. It may be many or single or complex or simple. And this contribution is our higher purpose. It always involves being yourself totally, completely, and naturally, and doing something or many things that you genuinely love to do, and that you have a natural gift for.

We all know in our hearts what our higher purpose is, but we often do not consciously acknowledge it, even to ourselves. In fact, most people seem to go to great lengths to hide it from themselves and from the world. They fear and seek to avoid the power, responsibility, and light that comes with acknowledging and expressing their true purpose in life.”


Let’s take this a step further. Consider these questions:

  • How can YOU best share who you are with the world?
  • What are the very best gifts that you have to offer others?
  • What shifts can you make to be in fuller self expression?

Pretty GRANDE preguntas, si? (My Spanish is coming along nicely, no?)

If you’re thinking…“Geez, Tara, big questions! … Where do I start?”


These 5 fab questions will help ignite YOUR inner spark. They will help you dive deeper and clarify what you are here to create and to offer. They will help you to ignite that inner light – shining bigger, bolder, and more brightly.  BOOM.

Grab a pen and paper and write it out…

1.) What is it that you want more than anything else?

Really dig deep to get to the heart of the matter. This is not so much about the new house or the new car or the better job, or getting out of a current job, etc. But, rather, what is it that you want in your life more than anything else?

2.) What are the very best gifts that you have to offer others?

We don’t shine bright just for ourselves. When you connect into the very best gifts that you have to offer others, that’s when your inner spark grows brighter and the level of joy and purpose in your life e-x-p-a-n-d-s, big time.

3.) What next step will allow you to learn the most about Love?

This is not about romantic love. It’s about BEING LOVE. What’s the path that is going to ultimately support you in being love?

4.) What needs to change in order to get what you want and be your best self? 

What behaviors or attitudes are not aligned with what you’re looking to create?  (Honesty can only serve you here.)

5.) What are you holding onto that it’s time to let go of?

What do you need to eliminate? What needs to go? What is no longer aligned for you?  Even just naming and acknowledging these things is a powerful step.

Now, in the words of John Lennon … Imagine …

Imagine knowing and offering your gifts with clarity and grace.

Imagine living in a world where more and more people are experiencing new levels of joy and ease and love every day all because they have truly connected with what their purpose is on this earth.

And, imagine YOU — an integral, active part of this movement!

You don’t need to do it perfectly-perfect. It’s in your willingness to engage in the process and set the intention of connecting in a deeper way to who you ARE, that makes all the difference.

Focus on who you are becoming and, frankly, who you have always been…who you were born to be.

Seeing you shining bright!

Ignite Your Life:

Ignite to new heights. Submit your answers to our Dream Igniting Questions today, and as my GIFT to you, we’ll schedule a time to connect for a complementary Dream Discovery tele-session and explore together how Create Your Life! can best support YOU in accelerating your own inspired, joyful journey. You’ll be amazed what can happen in just one call!

What To Do With Doubt

Dreaming and doubt: they often go together. Like peanut butter and chocolate, tequila and lime, thunder and lightning. (You get the idea…) Dreaming and doubt are a common pair … not a *helpful* pair necessarily, but a common pair.

  • Are you, despite showing a brave face to the world, on an inner level, doubting your dreams left and right?
  • Do you doubt that your heart’s deepest dreams and desires are really possible and wonder if it’s all just a big silly pipe dream?

That part of YOU that doubts is what, at Create Your Life!, we like to refer to as: Your Inner Naysayer.  


A naysayer is anyone who puts down your dreams, anyone who tells you you can’t, or gives you all the reasons that what you want, just won’t work.

Naysayers can be other people … but, truth is, the most influencial naysayer is often your *own* doubting dreamer.

We all have an Inner Naysayer. Yet, what sets apart those who bring their dreams to life, and those who don’t, is how they way you respond to doubt.

 Here’s a golden tip: Doubt doubt

Doubt doubt. Take a deep breath and question the “wisdom” of your Inner Naysayer.

Doubt doubt. Silently respond with “thank you for sharing”, then move on with you day knowing that everyone – even your Inner Naysayer – is entitled to their opinion.

Doubt doubt.  Overrule it by starting immediately, taking one firm, clear, focused action step on behalf of your dream(s).

You are being called to summon your bravest Self and step out on behalf of your dreams as they evolve and expand and take shape in your mind and in the world.

Your dreams will thank you.

Just beyond your fear and doubt, extraordinary possibilities await you …

Take The Next Step:

Customized support and our proven step-by-step process can make all the difference in how quickly you live YOUR dreams. Submit your answers to our Dream Igniting Questions today, and as my GIFT to you, we’ll schedule a time to connect for a complementary Dream Discovery tele-session and explore together how Create Your Life! can best support YOU in accelerating your own inspired, joyful journey. You’ll be amazed what can happen in just one call!

The Cosmic Joke of Dream Realization (And how to keep it from sabotaging YOUR dreams)

If you had all the time and money you could ever want…what would YOU do?

It’s easy to feel like there’s not enough of either and, for many, it’s what stops dreams dead in their tracks.

Practicality & dreaming often seem totally incompatible – a dreaming DUEL instead of a dreaming DUO!

The trick is to set that aside for now, and answer this: What would YOU do if you had all the time and money you could ever want?

Give yourself permission to just imagine it.

What comes up for you?

If you’re having trouble answering this question, or if your mind goes instead to all the reasons that what you want feels impossible, irresponsible, or unrealistic … Consider this:

“If your dream wasn’t already real inside you, you couldn’t even dream it.”        ~ Gloria Steinem

Most people think that the way to realize a dream is to figure out HOW you’re going to make it happen.

How you’re going to bring it to fruition…

How you’re going to raise the money…

How you’re going to schedule it…

How you’re going to form a team…

And on it goes.

All “the Hows” can perplex and even sabotage the realization of your dreams.

At Create Your Life! this speaks to what we refer to as “The Cosmic Joke of Dream Realization.” That is, that HOW will not show itself or become available to you until AFTER you commit and bravely declare what you want.  (hahaha)

In other words: Before you can draw “how” to you, you must first declare “what”.

You see … if you WAIT to commit to what you want until you know all the “Hows”, then you’re going to find yourself waiting a VERY l-o-n-g time.  Perhaps you already feel like you’ve been waiting too long!

sometimes the biggest risk

Here’s an alternative to all that:

Acknowledge the fact that putting the “what” before the “how” can feel risky.

Yes indeed it can.

BUT – don’t stop there!

It’s also SUPER IMPORTANT to acknowledge that the biggest risk … is not taking one at all.  

Studies show that at end of life people regret what they DIDN’T do much more than what they DID do.  

5 Powerful “No Regrets” Journaling Questions for You:

  • What’s at risk if I DON’T take action and move forward on my dream?
  • What’s the risk of always wondering?
  • What might the impact be on my happiness – even on my health?
  • How confident and proud of myself will I be if I DON’T explore the possibility?
  • And, lastly, how will I feel about always wondering about what could have been?

More often than not, when there’s an honest assessment of the risks of staying exactly where you ARE … the costs of NOT finding out, often *far outweigh* the potential costs and risks of going for it!

The real dreams don’t go away. And they won’t.

Maybe you’ve begun before, but you started and stopped, started and stopped, started and stopped. Maybe you’ve noticed that despite the advice of others warning you against following those “crazy dreams” that they don’t go away – no matter how hard you work to sweep them under the rug!

That’s a sign of your inner wisdom.

Follow your dreams. They really do know the way.

Take The Next Step:

Customized support and our proven step-by-step process can make all the difference in how quickly you live YOUR dreams. Submit your answers to our Dream Igniting Questions today, and as my GIFT to you, we’ll schedule a time to connect for a complementary Dream Discovery tele-session and explore together how Create Your Life! can best support YOU in accelerating your own inspired, joyful journey. You’ll be amazed what can happen in just one call!

Listen to that inner wisdom. Stop questioning yourself and spending a lot of energy spinning your wheels, feeling overwhelmed and uninspired, and trying to figure out the right thing to do, or moving slower than you’d like. We’ll work together to create a clear plan of action to successfully bridge the gap for you between where you are and where you want to be.  I can’t wait!