My wish for YOU.

Want to know what I wish for you this year?

First, I’m so grateful for you. I am truly delighted that you and I are connected. And this year I’m on a mission — to touch more lives than I have in all of the 13 years I’ve been in business, combined. It all starts right away, today, with YOU. 

Because, you know what I wish for you??

Well, for starters … all. things. good. 

My personal life’s mission and my business’ mission are one-and-the-same: To help YOU live your dreams & create a life and business that you don’t need a vacation from.

I want YOU to be so delighted by your life, and your life’s work, and have it all feeling so good, and all working so well for you, and supporting your dream lifestyle so beautifully … that you don’t feel antsy, or irritated, or longing to get away from it all. You aren’t itching for an escape.

(Vacations can be great, but what’s even better is when everyday life is so life-affirming, and gratifying, and so incredibly joy-filled that you don’t *need* a vacation. My wish for you is an existence so delightful that, when you DO take a vacation, you won’t feel an ounce of dread or remorse when it’s time to return to your everyday life…)

Here’s more of my wishes for YOU:

==> I wish you all the joy and delight you can stand.

==> I wish you to know and experience the ease, fun, and abundance that comes with working smarter, not harder.

==> I wish you to have a life (and business) that delights and supports you so much, that you don’t need a vacation. 

==> I wish you wealth on your own terms. (yes, money – but money is only part of the picture)

==> I wish you the freedom to travel, adventure, and work from whereever and whenever you want.

==>I wish you the peace and ease of being authentically and uniquely YOU, and getting paid for it.

==>I wish you to feel unapologetically good — in your body, heart and mind — every single day.

==> I wish you the kind of love, health, kindness, abundance, and joy that naturally fills you, expands, overflows, and is cause for celebration.

==> I wish you to love your life so freakin’ much that you truly can’t wait to get-up-and-out-of-bed in the morning.

THIS IS WHAT I DO. This is how I live, and this is what I help others create and experience.

I currently have two spots open to work with private clients who are ready to dive in and make this your reality. If you feel a stirring as you read this, if this speaks to your soul, I challenge you to be someone who response with action — follow the nudge and visit today to book a comp session with me, so that you and I can chat 1:1 and explore the possibilities together, ASAP.

I highly recommend you don’t overthink this. *Taking on-the-spot action is one key to making positive powerful things happen in your life.* Some of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and business have been when I followed a nudge.

Hey, if we’re not the right fit, that’s totally ok … I’m not attached to any outcome other than to powerfully serve YOU in our connection and to explore the possibilities together.

That link again is (Already a client? Please take a moment to share this with someone you know who could benefit from what you’ve experienced. Thank you! xo) 

Oh, AND lastly — stay tuned to my Facebook page (please “friend me”) for this Thursday’s “Tip from Tara” video message where I’ll be sharing a simple, laser-focused, practical tip to support your success in 2018. 

More soon…

Much love, and happy new year!


Fitness on the Road: No gym? No excuses.

As I sit down to write this, I’m just back from a kick-ass leg workout that included:

  • 30 weighted step ups
  • 15 bench jumps
  • 20 kettlebell crab walk (side-to-side squats)
  • 20 split jumps (squats after jumping up onto, in my case, a tree stump)
  • 15 burpee bench jumps (as if burpees aren’t enough, a bench jump after each burpee)
  • 15 kettlebell squats + overhead press (squatting while holding kettlebell, then pushing the kettlebell over head)
  • 24 180-degree jump squats 
  • 30 X-jumps (jumping jacks meets squats meets twist to touch your toes = hard)

And this was just round one — of two!  Challenging (obviously) – but damn it, I did it. With 5 minutes or so for stretching at the end, the entire workout took me about 35 minutes. It’s all part of a $20/month app program I use from my phone, called Sweat. I’ve been doing this fitness program for 16 weeks, to date, and each week builds on the last.

[SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO CLIPS — press PLAY to see each clip]


I workout 5-6 days a week, from wherever I am. I do not have (nor do I need) a gym membership. I have all I need: a yoga mat, two 8-pound weights, and a 25-pound kettlebell – all of which gets stored in our RV. More often than not, a picnic table serves as my bench/step up. (If we’re at an RV site with a picnic table, I use that one. Otherwise, I find one at a nearby public park. And as I shared above, sometimes a tree trunk comes in handy too.) Thanks to this program, I essentially have a fitness trainer in my pocket — instructing me on exactly what to do for each workout.  


Using Sweat, I’ve managed to do all of the exercises without stepping foot in a gym. As a full-time nomad and RV-er, this app helps me stay in shape, challenging me to increase my strength and stamina, one workout and one week at a time. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m also a bit of a salsa dancing addict. Nomadic fitness has officially become a reality. Now, not only do my boyfriend and I find the local hot spots for salsa dancing wherever we are, I also get my strength-building workouts in. No matter what.


My having a no-matter-what attitude about working out, wasn’t always the case. But since my mid-30’s I’ve consistently made fitness a priority. As I write this, I’m 42 years old, and unquestionably plan on having a long, healthy, agile and active life. I make time for exercise – no excuses. Whether I feel like it or not, my workouts are non-negotiable.

In this one, my dog, Cosmo, helped.  😉


“Burpees are my friend. I love burpees.” This is my burpee mantra. 🙂 Believe it or not, at times these words have felt true. Broad jump burpees are, honest to God, my favorite. I think they’re fun. I know, weird, right?


Excuses be gone! In my soon-to-be-released book, “The Book of Brules”, chapter 6 is all about making fitness a no-excuses, no BS, non-negotiable part of your daily life and how one little decision can make this happen. For reals. [Check back for the link to purchase, coming soon.]

In the mean time, here’s to feeling at home in your body, at home in your heart, and at home in the world. 


What’s YOUR fitness routine? What keeps you motivated and committed to showing up for your workouts?

My wish for YOU: Live your dreams, dance your dance, create a life (and business) that is so delightful you don’t need a vacation! >>>> Learn how: 

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,



Tara Sage Steeves

Master Coach, Possibility Queen, Gypsy Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Nomad, Salsera, Life Hack Pro, Owner of two location-independent companies: Create Your Life! & Nomadic Leaders 

A Year of Profound Human Transformation

What’s YOUR word?

I’ll share mine. For 2018, I’ve chosen two words: Delighted & Visibility.

‘Delighted’ captures my inner, energetic, intention and theme for the year. And ‘Visibility’ represents my outer, actionable intention for the year

I chose DELIGHTED because, truth is, I’m freakin’ delighted by my life, damn near all the time. But – this certainly wasn’t always the case (understatement of the year) AND it’s not by accident that it’s this way now.  

Simply stated, my life is delightful because I created it to be this way. I made it so. No one was going to (or could even if they wanted to) do it for me. So, finally, I did it. How? Well, over the years, I have not only coached many hundreds to delight in their life … I too have learned and applied a shit-ton of information, and strategies, and have been relentless in my experimentation and search for the keys to my own delighted life. I’ve also made some no-BS attitude adjustments and adopted some rebel-rousing approaches as my norm … the culmination of which have brought me to this delightful existence.

{Soapbox moment >>>>>}  Starting immediately, and for the entirety of 2018 … I am committed to unapologetically living, creating from, and sharing, this energy. In other words, I am not going to dumb it down. I am not going to tame my delight because others may feel uncomfortable, turned off, or judgey about it. I am also not going to make things harder for myself than they need to be in order to “earn” my delight, or as a strategy to stay busy or burdened. I will not minimize my delight to a “reasonable” level. I will not ration it, pretending it’s a scarce commodity. I will not apply whatever bogus reasons used to make sense to me as rationale for lessening it. I’m done with all that, and it feels awesome.

What are YOU committed to?  (I suggest you too write it down and then share it.)

So instead of all that, I’m going to ride the wave of high-vibration unapologetic delight — and I want to take you with me. Throughout 2018, I am going to share freely how I got here and HOW YOU CAN TOO. Why? Because I am absolutely convinced that 2018 is going to be a powerful provocotive year of profound human transformation, and because I am committed to being an active and generous contributor to it’s creation. Now, if being delighted – by your life, your business, and your journey – isn’t your thing, you may want to bow out now … cuz this train is going to be choo-choo-ing full steam ahead. 🙂 

My word #2 is VISIBILITY because (as I came clean about in my recent Facebook Live video), I realize I’ve been hiding behind my companies. So, as an act of accountability I am declaring to you that in 2018, I will stop hiding behind my companies, and I will be coming out AS my brand (stay tuned for new website launched soon). So, with you as my witness, all that hiding stops right here.Instead, I’m going to show my face to you — via Facebook (please “friend me”) — every week of our 52 week year, I will be sharing a “Tip from Tara” message intended to touch your soul and make your life, your business, and your journey as delightful as you will allow it to be. Please mark your calendar, on repeat, for Thursdays at 2pm Eastern. I’ll be showing up there every week and talking to you

Delighted + Visibility >>> 2018: A Year of Profound Human Transformation. 

It’s going to be a fantastic year and I can’t wait to share it with you.

What is YOUR word, or words, for 2018? Let’s get this party started now.

Happy holidays and happy new year — I toast to YOU, and to all the delight you can stand!


Much love, 

Tara Sage Steeves

Master Coach, Possibility Queen, Gypsy Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Nomad, Salsera, Life Hack Pro, Owner of two location-independent companies: Create Your Life! & Nomadic Leaders 



Your Year-In-Review: Video #3 (of 3)

Your Year-in-Review: Part 3 “Tips from Tara” Video (of 3)

Hey there!

To celebrate the excitement and potential of the new year that’s just around the corner, here’s part 3 of my very special Year-in-Review Video Series to support YOU and ensure that you have a truly Happy YOU Year.

Also, here are links to video 1 & 2 in case you missed it or want to review them again before diving in to part 3:

Watch video #1

Watch video #2

In summary, this 3-part Year in Review Video Series walks you through giving focus to the value of reflective time to get clear on:

  1. What you accomplished in 2017
  2. Dreams, goals, and resolutions on your list that didn’t actualize
  3. Your action plan for 2018

With this clarity, you’ll be ready to create 2018 to be your best year yet!

Jump-start YOUR New Year with our renowned Dream Acceleration Program 2.0! Together we will join forces and bravely, boldly, uncover, activate, and accelerate YOUR deepest dreams and desires! 🙂

I truly can’t wait.

Find out more at:

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Your Year-In-Review: Video #2 (of 3)

YOUR YEAR-IN-REVIEW — “Tips from Tara” Year-in-Review Video #2 (of 3)

See the video here:…/

In today’s video, I cover why many dreams go unrealized and fall by the wayside, and how to prevent this from happening to you.

As you’re reflecting over this past year, notice: What goals or dreams did NOT come to fruition for you?

It’s uber important not to ignore or disregard the fact that you did not achieve them. In fact, by shining light on them, you’ll gain the clarity and momentum you need to actualize what you really truly want in 2018.

Start the New Year with purpose and passion. Watch now:

PS – Missed Part 1? Here ’tis:

PPS – I’ll post Part 3 of this special 3-part Year-in-Review video series tomorrow. Part 3 really brings it all together, so be on the lookout for that tomorrow. 

Your Year-In-Review: Video #1 (of 3)

YOUR YEAR-IN-REVIEW “Tips from Tara” Year-in-Review Video #1: 

See the video here:

With the new year on the horizon, even despite the busy-ness of this time of year, it is *absolutely essential* that you give yourself space to review these past 12-months. In part 1 of my 3-part Year-In-Review video coaching series, I share a quick easy way to do just that!

This process allows you to gain enourmous clarity and insight – not only about the closing year, it also supports you in getting crystal clear on your goals for the coming year.

What’s something that YOU have great appreciation for? Write down at least 3 things that you’re appreciative about from 2017 … and then stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of this special 3-part series.

Get ready to realize YOUR biggest, boldest dreams in 2018!

Enjoy! And … sharing is caring – so feel free to share! 

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,


I’ve Been Called A Lot of Things

In one of my client sessions yesterday, we coached through a Big Belief Obstacle (a BBO) that: Personal worthiness is tied to others opinion of you. This can be a tough one to navigate beyond! But, oh, how the freedom that lies on other side is sooo worth it … the freedom to live your life and to be fully and truly yourself is an awesome and priceless reward. 

I personally have been called a lot of things over the years. Some hurt. And some were so generous and kind that I had a hard time fully receiving them without deflection. Amidst this wide spectrum of things I’ve been called, here are a few that I don’t contest: Gypsy Entrepreneur, Master Coach of 13+ years, Possibility Queen, Writer, Author, Speaker, amateur Salsera, Life Hack Pro, Owner of two location-independent companies (Create Your Life! & Nomadic Leaders) and now, Nomad.

If you’ve been following my journey, you know that I now live full-time in an RV with my boyfriend and dog, traveling the country and working from the road. I’m absolutely loving it. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself.

I’m deeply passionate about the work I do, wanting EVERYONE making kick-ass decision for their life. Because this mission and personal calling possesses me so, I am going to be stepping things up in the coming year in terms of sharing my work, because I really want to touch as many lives as possible with what I know transforms and has such an enourmous impact on the human experience.

As a reader and member of my virtual community, I want to check in with you … Are YOU game for receiving some high-level support and kick-ass results in the exciting and sometimes intimidating and frustrating process of creating YOUR dream life? 

If so, it’s high-time you and I talk. Especially if you’ve been a curious observer for a while. 

Yes, you’re busy – I get it. I’m busy too. But if you and I have never connected, it’s time we do, with a free session. (Yep, my gift to you.) Simply go to to pick a time and get on my calendar — be it one of the few remaining spots I have open this month, or select a time for next month. Book it now so it’s in place for you. Know that I’m not attached to any particular outcome in terms of whether or not you decide to become a client, but nonetheless I lovelovelove connecting with people from my community. (If you’re already a client, please consider sharing this with someone you think could benefit from this kind of support.)

Actions speak louder than words. Behavior modification is my specialty, applying my Holistic Leadership MA, my Psychology BA, and extensive work experience. And truth is, talking and thinking about doing something is one thing. But it’s Action that makes the real difference. Put action and a proven process to work on behalf of YOUR dreams, resolutions, and “maybe somedays”.

Tired of “maybe someday”? Let’s talk — my gift to you. Let’s explore the possibilities together. Claim it here:

In the mean time, warmest blessings to you and yours this holiday season. 

Cheers! To this journey called Life,


The Expanding Tara-tour-y!

If you’ve been following my recent journey, you know that I’ve embarked on an exciting new adventure in nomadic living and remote working. Together with my boyfriend and dog, we are on an open-ended road trip in our 20-foot RV/mobile tiny house.

Last week we were lakeside in northern North Carolina [enjoying sunsets, campfires, simplicity and peaceful serenity while we did our work and followed the rhythms of nature]. The week before, we were in Richmond, VA [went salsa dancing, went on a walking tour of the Liberty Trail, ate yummy falafel, and on Sunday tooled around an artsy little area called Carytown …with no cares about time or to-do’s – the way Sunday is supposed to feel but honestly hadn’t in years…]

And now we’re in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area staying with my step-sister Kellie and her delightful family. Well technically, we’re their driveway neighbors since we brought our house with us and hooked it up to their water and electric. And today, my friend, soul sister, and mastermind colleague, Marcy, had me over for a delicious homemade lunch. So good to see her!

If home is where the heart is, than my home spans continents. I chose this nomadic lifestyle, in part, because it means I can visit friends and family that I don’t get to see very often. It’s a real treat to be getting some in-person time with people I missed, and feeling right at home.

It’s part of what I’m calling ‘The Tara-tour-y’. Get it?

I’m on tour, and I’m my own agent. Our loose plan is to head south and then west.

Want to join the tour?

Want to meet for a bite, and maybe an interview? Want to host us in your driveway? Want to help me line up a book signing in your town? Or a workshop in your living room? Let me know! Let’s see what we can do to coordinate our paths crossing…

Here’s to the unfolding journey! 

Tara Sage Steeves
Master Coach, Possibility Queen, Gypsy Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Nomad, Salsera, Life Hack Pro, Owner of two location-independent companies: Create Your Life! & Nomadic Leaders 

What’s Your Action Plan?

In the closing months of 2017, it is the perfect time to map out your goals, dreams, and plans for 2018.

As I shared in Make It Your Best Year Ever, a no-nonsense truth about goal setting is that goal setting, by itself, doesn’t work. Your goals and intentions MUST be paired with an ongoing, consistent, aligned, action plan – a way to stay in momentum with the intentions you’re setting out to accomplish and create.

I am currently offering a limited number of 3-hour Intensive Planning Sessions to get YOU on course for 2018 to truly be your best, most joy-filled, most delightful and successful year ever. Together we will roll up our sleeves with a reflective, insightful Year-in-Review assessment of 2017 (what went well, what didn’t go so well, what didn’t actualize that you truly still want, what didn’t actualize because you simply never really wanted it … ), AND we will create a personalized action plan, customized to fit exactly your needs and priorities, so you have a custom-designed road map to stay consistent, and on course, one week at a time. This is how you create the kind of traction and momentum that really makes ALL the difference.

I’ve been doing this as a personal practice for more than a decade and I have been coaching others to do this for more than a decade. For 3 solid hours you will have my undivided focus and attention for the sole purpose of supporting YOU in fulfilling your life-by-design definition of success. 

Ready to set yourself up in a way that creates real results? 

Let’s do this thing.

I am making only a few spots available for a special 3-hour *recorded* (so you can go back and listen later – invaluable!) 2018 PLANNING SESSION. You will be amazed what can happen over the course of 3-hours together. It would be my true pleasure to serve YOU in this way. Email me right away [Subject: 2018 PLANNING SESSION] for more information and to schedule this offer at

Priced at just $597, these will go fast! Don’t wait for the busyness of the holidays to come and go to start planning for 2018! Go into the new year with grace and confidence. Make 2018 YOUR best year ever. 

Get in touch today and give yourself this gift … Contact me directly at [Subject: 2018 PLANNING SESSION] 

I truly look forward to serving YOU! 

To your success,

Tara Sage Steeves
Master Coach, Possibility Queen, Gypsy Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Nomad, Salsera, Life Hack Pro, Owner of two location-independent companies: Create Your Life! & Nomadic Leaders 

Make It Your Best Year EVER

As I do every November — I spent a few focused hours doing a Year-in-Review assessment of the closing year AND setting goals for the coming year.

I’ve been doing this as a personal practice for more than a decade and have been coaching others to do this for more than a decade. Each year, I make tweaks and improvements as I see fit.

And I must say … that my newest Weekly Progress Template is my best, most cohesive, no BS version, to date! It’s the creme-de-la-creme of Weekly Progress Templates. 

I’m, of course, happy to share it with YOU – for you to adapt and use as you see fit, all in support of Your Best Year EVER!  

First, here’s a no-nonsense truth about goal setting: Goal setting, by itself, doesn’t work. Your goals and intentions must be paired with an ongoing, consistent, aligned, action plan – a way to stay in momentum with the intentions you’re setting out to accomplish and create.

That’s why, in addition to setting my 2018 goals, I have also blocked out time in my calendar (on repeat, the same day, same time, every single week) to fill out this new-and-improved Weekly Progress Template.

Here ’tis:

The Create Your Life! Weekly Progress Template

THREE Gratitudes/Celebrations From the Past Week:




JOURNAL after considering the following questions:

What went well this week? What didn’t go so well? How do I feel? Where might I have overcommitted? Where did I come up against resistance? What can I do different next week to better support my goals, dreams, values, and intentions? Where do I need support?

THEN, fill in this chart … 5 Life “Buckets” + 1 Specific Goal per Bucket + This Week’s Challenging-But-Doable Action Step

5 Life “Buckets”/ Categories of Focus For Your Year (e.g. Fitness, Travel, Creativity, Money, Love, Travel, Family …)

 Identify ONE 2018 Goal
for each “Bucket” (Be specific: “I will know I’ve successfully achieved this when ________.”)

This Week’s Challenging-but-Doable Action Step
to Move Closer to Your Goal For The Year 

















(So, to recap, that’s … 5 Categories of Focus, 5 Specific Goals, and 5 Action Steps for the week. Your Categories and Goals for the year will repeat, and your 5 Action Steps will be unique to the week. Fill in this chart, every week, to pinpoint your weekly steps to stay focused, aligned, and in forward momentum toward your annual goals. This, times 52 weeks, and just imagine what YOU can create!)

Then, last but not least …

IDENTIFY Three Core Desired Feelings for the week:  (E.g.: Grounded, Loving, Grateful, Focused, Peaceful…)




Boom. And you’re off. May 2018 be YOUR Best Year Ever!!

Have questions or want some personalized support? I love connecting with people from my online community. Run don’t walk … Go here now to get on my calendar for a complimentary session: I look forward to our connection!

To your success,

Tara Sage Steeves
Master Coach, Possibility Queen, Gypsy Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Nomad, Salsera, Life Hack Pro, Owner of two location-independent companies: Create Your Life! & Nomadic Leaders