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ifyoucandreamiticancoachitCreate Your Life! is a one-stop Brave Possibilities Station for those ready to BE the biggest-bravest-most-authentic version of themselves, providing the tools and the support needed to rise above whatever that “bigness” may provoke in others who fear it or get their feathers ruffled and kerfuffled by it … harnessing that energy to further fuel the call to fly even higher, and dance to their own drummer even more freely, like no one’s watching – even when they are – and to navigate this with brave grace, daily momentum, growing confidence, renewed joy, personal integrity, and true delight .. leaving some scratching their heads on the sidelines, and others inspired to dance their own dance with increased gusto, freedom, joy, abundance, and delight.”  ~ Tara 

Wherever you are on your journey, Create Your Life! is here to support you.
Select the Brave Possibility Track that will best serve YOU: 

The Speak Up Track

Catapult Your Confidence.

Microphone This track is for you if:
* You’re comfortable with writing and/or serving individuals, but public speaking scares the you-know-what out of you. 
* You feel uncertain about how to hone your message and its delivery, essentially limiting your influence as a leader.

* You’re eager to cultivate your authentic voice and become a powerful, graceful, captivating public speaker.

Learn how to:

  • Expand your influence and abilities as a leader.
  • Powerfully move & inspire more people toward positive change.

The Dream Acceleration Track

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork.

This track is for you if:
* You have achieved a certain level of excellence in your life yet part of you is crying out, craving a new level of joy, freedom, and contribution.
* As scared as you are at times about what this means, you’re ready to be brave because the risk of your dreams dying inside you scares you more than change does.

Learn how to:

  • Bring your dreams to life, one proven step at a time.
  • Make a quantum life leap, despite fear, doubts, “obstacles”, and the opinions of others.

Quick-Start VIP

Step on The Gas! 

This track is for you if:
* You are a creative, an innovator, and/or an entrepreneur with lots of ideas, too many “someday” projects, and too much on your plate to make things happen as quickly as you’d like. * You are ready to strategically leverage your time, energy, and resources to get things done and on the fast-track to success.

Learn how to:

  • Get on the fast-track with condensed, customized, concentrated support for immediate results.
  • Quickly take your business or project to the next level, and your lifestyle with it!